Grow your business

More than just a source of capital

Skanderbeg offers a host of services and hands-on management support. We implement the full strength of our networks and proven advisory services to function as a capital markets partner.

Investor Relations & Capital Advisory

We manage relationships with key institutions and shareholders and give our partners access to the full strength of our networks.

Strategic Capital Raises & Investment

As a strategic advisor, we secure early stage financing and manage mergers and acquisitions.

Financial Services

We offer corporate finance support that includes advisory services for financial reporting as well as governance, treasure and risk compliance services

Outcome driven partnerships

We work with companies on a success based model. Over the years, we have refined our network to include key relationships with financial professional and high net worth individuals that co-invest with us on each company we work with. We are constantly adding new sources of capital to our network so that we are able to raise capital for every companies looking for growth capital, expansion capital, strategic investors, and debt facilities. We view ourselves as more than just a source of capital. We like to be involved in our investments and put the full force of our network to action to give companies the best chance of success.