The highest level of confidence

we invest our own capital into our portolio companies

We invest our own capital into these companies because we have a high level of confidence in their ability to succeed. With our wealth of capital markets expertise and our industry relationships, the companies we partner with hold a track record of success and have generated greater profit margins for investors. 

  • K92 Mining

    We raised over $50 million for their IPO on the TSX in 2016. K92 became one of the first unicorns of the gold market, eclipsing $1 billion market cap. The listing is regarded as one of the top Junior IPO’s from a liquidity and performance perspective.
  • Freeman Gold

    We acquired the Lemhi Gold asset for the company and built them a highly accomplished and experienced team with a track record of success. Initially, we raised $6.5 million via a bought deal by Canada’s two largest independent investment dealers. Then, we raised $1.2 million at $10 million valuation and four months later we raised $1.5 million at $15 million valuation.
  • Havn Life

    We raised $15 million in capital through several financing rounds at step-up valuations for this psychedelic and nutraceutical biotech company. We also assembled a veteran team of CPG and research experts in key roles within the organization.
  • Alpha Tech

    We raised over $5 million in a pre-IPO financing round. Alpha Tech is focused on transforming the gaming experience by creating the biggest, most accessible online gaming community hosting live contests for real prizes. Alpha Tech's GamerzArena allows users to compete head-to-head for cash and prizes and engages users by offering daily, weekly, and monthly competitive tournaments. The platform has already accumulated over 100,000 users and has gained great traction among established content creators, sports teams, and institutions.
  • Telecure Technologies

    Telecure is a U.S. focused health IT company that specializes in using technology to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. Built by doctors for doctors, Telecure offers customized solutions for all telemedicine needs. Through an aggressive acquisition strategy and unique customization capabilities, Telecure is focused on advancing its patient and user base.